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Thus, the basic of an academic cover letter is a thorough research about the type of institution and audience you wish to address. This will itself speak about your passion for research, and give an idea about the correctness of your analysis. Refer to some of the academic cover letter samples given in the links below to get a clear idea before writing an academic cover letter.


Academic Cover Letter Sample for a Science Professor

Academic Cover Letter Samples and Writing Tips

The above academic cover letter sample has all of the elements of a successful cover letter. The applicant did their research to tailor the letter to the university seeking to fill the position. The first paragraph gave the background details of the applicant’s degree, university, and whom they worked under. The second and third paragraphs provided details on their academic and non-academic experience and how their experience makes a good fit for the university. The last paragraph provided a wrap-up of the enclosures, thanked the search committee, and provided a wish to meet the search committee soon. In addition, the cover letter was fit to one page which is always appreciated by search committees that have to review many application packages.

Academic Cover Letter | Academic Cover Letter Sample

Academic Dean Cover Letter Sample
Academic Cover Letter Sample for an Assistant Professor

Academic Cover Letter Sample - Purdue Online Writing Lab

Academic Cover Letter Sample

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academic cover letter sample

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