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A job application is accompanied with a resume and cover letter. A cover letter gives you a chance of communicating to the prospective employer. All the applicants send in their resumes. These resumes are written in more or less a standard format. The degrees or qualifications for a particular job are also more or less similar. Thus, it is the cover letter that helps you get an edge over others, and get a preference for your resume. Also, the cover letters have to be customized as per the industry or field. A generalized letter will not fulfill the purpose. For example, there have to be different cover letters for different fields, like an academic cover letter of the educational field, business cover letter, management cover letter, etc.In this section of resume cover letters, we will discuss the academic cover letters. While applying for a job in the academic sector, you will have to write an academic cover letter. This letter will give you a chance to present yourself as a dedicated teacher and researcher. However, for writing this you first need to understand the difference between an academic and a business cover letter.
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The academic cover letter should contain a few key components. The cover letter should be addressed to a specific individual as outlined in the position announcement with their name spelled correctly and their title and department accurate. If this information was not immediately available, do some research to determine to whom to address the letter. Sometimes calling the school department is necessary. The first paragraph of the cover letter should give the details of how you found out about the position and details about your degree program and your major professor, especially if they are well known in the field.

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The academic cover letter generally follows very strict genre conventions.

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Thus, the basic of an academic cover letter is a thorough research about the type of institution and audience you wish to address. This will itself speak about your passion for research, and give an idea about the correctness of your analysis. Refer to some of the academic cover letter samples given in the links below to get a clear idea before writing an academic cover letter.