Here are some quick tips about the acting cover letter:

If you need some advice about resumes and , an excellent book is Acting As A Business: Strategies For Success by Brian O'Neil. He has several examples of both in his book as well as about how to write an acting cover letter.

Steps to write actor cover letters is as follows:

Acting Cover Letter From An Aspiring Teenage Actress: 10 Things To Consider


The sample actor cover letter below shows how to explain your career in a few short paragraphs. You should begin by stating your interest in the vacant position. In the middle section of the letter, briefly mention your career highlights; and conclude the letter explaining why you should be selected. This example can be used as a template for your own letters.

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A short time ago a young girl wrote to me asking for help writing her acting cover letter. Below you will see the letter she wrote to send out to agents and you will see the answer I gave her, which consists of the ten things I told her to consider. This, by the way is a pretty typical cover letter, like many that I have been asked to review. See if you too make some of the same mistakes as this young lady and how you can avoid them. This is what she wrote me.

See my answer to her here below on how to improve her acting cover letter:
I’m going to send my resume, headshot, and cover letter to some agencies to try to get an agent. I’m 16 and want to become an actress. Can you tell me if this is good for an acting cover letter? Tell me what to take out or what to add too please:] I’d really appreciate it. First of all, I want you to know that I don’t consider myself an expert acting cover letter writer by any means. I have, however, been coached by career coaches and I have written cover letters that have gotten me meetings with casting directors, agents and in a some cases, that have even gotten me acting work. So I think I’m pretty good at it, because the ones I’ve written have gotten me the results I wanted. Having said that, I will answer your question based on my personal experience and from my own point of view. At the end of the page, I will refer you to an expert resource that might be able to help you further. In this sample actor cover letter, the writer directly addresses the problem that he faces --- too much competition. But then he uses his letter to describe how he has separated himself from that competition through hard work. This is a very effective technique. 2. find out who the person is that you want to send your acting cover letter to and address the letter to that person. That's important! It shows that you at least took the time to find out. That gets you points! How do you find out? If you are in a big city like NY or LA, there are industry publications like Ross Reports or NY/LA Agencies that have a complete listing of all the talent agencies and all the people/associate agents that work in their offices.You may feel that an actor does not need a cover letter when applying for a role. Sending you resume alone may be considered as unprofessional. A cover letter should not be generic. It should be customized according the kind of job/role you are applying for. Actor cover letters include the details of role you are applying for, your previous acting experience, your acting skills and details of acting training.When crafting an acting teacher cover letter, there are some challenging questions: How do you show, on paper, that you know how to bring out someone’s gift for acting? How do you show, on paper, that you can develop these unique skills within another? Working to answer these types of questions will help drive the content of your letter so that you will convey these personal gifts for teaching.
For more help on how to write  unique actor cover letter, read the DOs and DONTs of cover letters on our  page.

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When you are writing actor cover letters, place emphasis on your acting details and clearly mention the kind of role or medium you would like to work in.

Sample Actor Cover Letter

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Below are nine things you might want to consider when writing your acting cover letter. This answer will basically provide you with everything except me re-writing the letter for you.

In this section you will find sample actor cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on actor jobs.

Beginner Actor Cover Letter for Resume

Barbara, if you ask 10 different people the question you asked me about how to write an acting cover letter, you might very well get different answers. The things I'm telling you are what worked for me. You have to take all this information, talk to your parents and come up with what works for you. Some of it will be trial and error.