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Another great moment was that Kristin Nelson and I presented a query workshop. Now let me just tell you: I was color commentary. Kristin had put the hard work in, prepping an amazing power point presentation, but again, what made this particular two hour workshop so satisfying was the “hands on” element. We spent time helping various writers hone their high concept pitches, and there is just something amazing—having spent months behind your desk—about digging into the trenches and having personal face-time with writers. This pitch work also caused me to think about my own pitching: Even when we teach, we are not immune to examining ourselves. I thought about my clients’ books, my own series. It was a great exercise in delving into what makes a pitch truly work. Some thoughts? In creating your one sentence high-concept statement:

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A very informative presentation on everything you wanted to know about jewelry and you didn’t have the opportunity to ask. After this amazing power point presentation – which will cover a very broad range of the world of jewelry and precious stones – you will have your chance to bombard us with questions and guess what – we will not leave until we answer all of them! (This presentation is conducted in the space of your organization, school, adult community, women’s club, Church group, Kiwanis club, Art fairs, etc.)

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As it turns out, the project was just what I needed to validate my feelings towards my skills as a writer, a researcher, and a presenter. My best friend helped me with the artsy fartsy part of my project, and helped me to create an amazing Power Point presentation, but the rest was ALL ME.

She sent us another amazing power point presentation of their visit there as well.
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Me: "OK, students! Take a look at this amazing power point presentation on the concept of irony which I have taken massive amounts of time to prepare for you!" (The screen in front of the class goes black and there's a message in 48-point font:

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Wolfson: ". . . I was trained to believe that vaccines were the be-all, end-all. There was no question about it. Vaccines were effective, they were safe. and everybody should get them. You never question them as a medical student. . . In 2004, I met the woman who would become my wife. And Heather is a chiropractor, and she opened up my eyes to the natural world. One of the things she said was about the dangers of vaccines. I was taken aback by what she said, but I started to read, I started to learn, I started reading books and literature, and different studies. I started to change my mind regarding the safety of vaccines and just what are we vaccinating for? . . . These are benign childhood conditions. . . . So my wife and I started doing lectures. We were asked by different people, different parents---Hey you guys are two doctors, get up there, do a power point presentation. So we did our research, went to the CDC, went to journals, went to the package inserts for the manufacturers on the vaccines, looking at adverse reactions,. . . We came up with an amazing power point presentation. Our last one was over two and a half hours long, we had over a hundred people there. . . . ."

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