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An animated power point presentation of targeted therapy overview

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Having gone from the simple stereotype of 'the moral act' to a slightly more nuanced, and I hope much clearer, notion of 'the moral event' by expanding the traditional concept of the sources of morality, it is time to apply some imagination to the schema and pretend that we can see it in three dimensions. Picture the diagram drawn on a board, or projected on a screen, at least 2 meters wide. (An animated power point presentation of the diagrams on this page can be downloaded .)

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Target animated power point presentation is used by companies running with huge budget to maintain their company without loss and to give a brief description about the target and the aim which is to be achieved by the subordinate for the present and future year. The barrier and the difficulties which are to be faced are predicted and solutions are prepared to face it in a simple and easy way. Victory of the hard work can be presented through target animated PPT presentation. This power point presentation of target animated is build up using in different color and design to make it more effective and good looking. Using this PPT presentation conclusion can be present in a perfect and clear.

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While I encourage teachers to differentiate their performance tasks whenever possible and appropriate, I offer three cautions. First, we must always keep in mind that our aim is to engage learning in authentic and meaningful learning and to collect appropriate evidence of that learning—not to simply offer a “cool” menu of product and performance possibilities. If a standard calls for proficiency in writing or oral presentation, it would be inappropriate to provide alternative performance options other than writing or speaking. However, it might be suitable to offer the students some choice regarding the topic, audience, and form of the written product to obtain the evidence we seek. Second, the options we provide must be worth the time and energy required. Since tasks typically require time to plan, implement and score, we should reserve them for the most valued learning goals. It would be inefficient and unnecessary to have students develop an animated Power Point presentation or an elaborate 3-dimensional display for content that could be memorized and efficiently and appropriately assessed with a multiple-choice quiz. In the folksy words of teacher friend, with performance tasks, “the juice must be worth the squeeze.”

An animated power point presentation to use alongside the rhyme 5 Little Firemen.

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Within the framework of Adult Learning Principles, Knowles formulated five steps to enhance learning among adults: 1) Why the topic is important; 2) Material is presented visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically; 3) Incorporate knowledge into learners’ experiences; 4) The learner is receptive; 5) The event is positive. The ARS was a measure of the level of knowledge the participant demonstrated in geriatric anaemia and where the individual's responses ranked in the audience's knowledge. Also, post-event the ARS informed the participant how much more knowledge was learned during the 75-minute CME event. The animated power point presentation and interchange between primary care physician and haematologist onstage incorporated knowledge through multiple sensory mechanisms. Case studies within the didactic part of the event put a face on the problem of geriatric anaemia, inserting knowledge into the participants’ clinical experience, past and future. The standardised diagnostic algorithm was a take-away reminder and clinical support for screening, diagnosing, and managing geriatric anaemia. The get-together after the event was an opportunity for the participant to interact with a local haematologist about problem patients and questions concerning referral and follow-up.

An animated power point presentation of targeted therapy overview inducers and inhibitors.

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A couple months ago my friend Derrick put me onto a website called . Gapminder provides a number of helpful animated presentations about a host of economic and demographic variables presented in an easy to understand and engaging way. (Please excuse my drooling.) It is like an animated Power Point presentation. Gapminder has a great presentation about the status of the world since 1970 on a number of variables. Here are three slides I captured that show trends in world poverty. Gapminder is using the UN’s Millennium Project definition of earning less than $1 a day as a poverty threshold.