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Paragraphs are not indented in a business letter. Instead, you are to simply seperate paragraphs by a blank line. See a blank cover letter template here.

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Using a template is the quickest way for your resume to end up in thetrash can. A template gives the impression that you don't really careand that you just want to get a job, any job. This is not a very goodcharacteristic of a new hire. They are looking for a person that haspassion and enthusiasm. They also want to see someone go the extra mileonce in awhile. How are you going to get this point across to a managerwhen you are using a fill in the blank cover letter?

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What you ask is a template? A template is a pre-generated cover letterwhere all one has to do is fill in the blanks. Almost all wordprocessor software has some type of fill in the blank cover lettertemplate. With all these options available, it is the easy way out, butit will not pay off. Don't think that just because you got their firstyou will be getting a job offer. The hiring manager is looking for thebest candidate not who arrived first. Your resume cover letter mustgrab their attention, which is what it will do, if and only if you takethe time to customize it.

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