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The second part of the problem solving question is what problem you will solve for the reader of the business plan cover letter? Are you going to make them some money? Are you going to augment their existing business? You can bet that the target is going to be reading your business plan cover letter thinking to him or herself "what’s in this for me?" so you need to be sure that the answer is somewhere in it preferably at the very top, in ALL CAPS so that the reader will see it first and decide to read the letter in the first place.


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Selling a business plan to potential investors is the purpose of a business plan cover letter. The investor needs to be convinced that the business plan is carefully constructed and has significant market potential. The name and a description of the business should be included in the first few sentences.

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If you clicked through to this page, you're likely wondering whether you need a business plan cover letter. The not-so-satisfying answer is that it depends. If you're typically seek a loan or any other kind of funding through a bank, a cover letter it usually unnecessary. Bankers are happy to meet with you, regardless of whether you have a referral, a cover letter, or anything else. If you're seeking venture capital or angel investment—and particularly if you have not secured a meeting through a mutual connection—than a business plan cover letter, or a pitch letter, is essential. A business plan cover letter that is being sent unsolicited to a VC or another investor should include the following:The primary point of a business plan cover letter is to you get your foot in the door with an investor or lender. To do this, your business plan cover letter should be sales-y and as sexy as possible to capture their attention. Make no mistake—a pitch letter should not include every minor detail about your concept, nor do you need to include extensive financial data. Should you sufficiently interest an investor, they will ask for those things later, so don't bog down your pitch letter with them.
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Second, think about what is it that you want the reader to do when he or she finishes reading the business plan cover letter? It’s a little bit presumptuous to expect any reader to be ready to invest or start a partnership with an entrepreneur after reading a single business plan cover letter. It isn’t out of the question for a targeted reader to be convinced to schedule a meeting with that entrepreneur and explore the possibility of further dealings face to face. So that should be your ultimate goal: to schedule a face to face meeting with the target to discuss the next step that you want them to take.

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Before sending out his business plan cover letter, it’s time to make some edits and proofreading though. Read through it a couple of times and run whatever spell and grammar check your computer provides. Note the use of the language. You shouldn’t be over casual, like you are talking to a friend but neither should your language sound formal and stilted. An intelligent, lively, friendly tone is the thing to shoot for with this thing.

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In the same way that a resume is too abstract, too impersonal and not inspiring, a business plan may lay out the facts of the prospective business to the reader but not inspire the sort of enthusiasm and excitement the entrepreneur wants. Also like the resume, the business plan lacks the most important element of all MOTIVATION! For a resume cover letter, the motivation is to pick up the phone and give the applicant a call to schedule a job interview. For the business plan, that motivation might be to schedule a meeting, to approve a loan, to run a newspaper story, to visit a website, or any of a wide variety of actions. But the only way that the reader will know what to do, and receive the encouragement to do it is if the business plan cover letter energizes them, gives them directions and inspires them to follow through on those directions.