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In this sample cashier cover letter, our fictitious job applicant is looking to secure a part time position with a new store. This is a fairly simple cover letter, with a straightforward priority on experience and reliability. Consider a similar model for any of your part time retail or service job applications.


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This cashier cover letter focuses on the applicant's experience and ability to offer good customer service and to make change at the counter of a restaurant, drug store, supermarket or retail store where people check out and pay for their purchases at a cashier stand. Cashier cover letters will help a person find a job more easily if the individual focuses on her ability to handle money easily and to talk with patrons in a friendly manner.

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This sample cashier cover letter can be easily adapted to meet your own needs. An effective cover letter clearly and quickly sends the message that you are an enthusiastic job candidate with the right skills and attitude for the cashier job opportunity.

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