How to Start Your Construction Cover Letter

The key to writing a good construction is to be brief; do not bog the reader down in endless details about your work history. That is what your resumé is for, so you should try not to repeat too much information. When writing a construction cover letter, try to highlight one or two skills or experiences that may not jump out on your resumé but would make you especially qualified for the position. Limit your cover letter to two brief paragraphs, and be sure to research the proper format for a cover letter. Check your letter for errors and formatting problems carefully before sending it.

The Body of Your Construction Cover Letter

Finishing Your Construction Cover Letter

Civil Construction Cover Letters

Two Helpful Hints: Jobs in construction are available for able and skilled workers on many levels: carpentry, plumbing, heavy equipment driving, metal working, etc. as long as the job seekers write solid cover letters that clearly communicate their skill set, interest, availability to begin work, and their ability to be a team player. The construction cover letter here will give you a guide to follow.

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Keep in Mind: You can make your construction cover letters as detailed as you wish, depending on your level of experience, qualifications for the job you want to land, and your ability to do the work described in the job post. The letter above is an example to get you started on your own.

Your construction cover letter is the key that, along with your CV, opens the door to your future construction career. Like a CV, it should be concise and full of relevant information. Start by understanding that everything in your construction cover letter should be directly relevant to the position you are applying for. Think of it as a tender for a job, like a bid on a construction project. The key to any good letter is its opening. Learn to write a killer opening for your construction cover letter and you’ve got a guaranteed audience for the rest of it.This construction manager cover letter sample does a great job of complementing the construction job resume and makes a lasting impression on the reader – it lets the applicants’ personality shine through. It was important to show her ability to “create a safe and productive work environment” in her cover letter. These are important qualities in this industry.The construction cover letter sample gold rush has flooded the job market with these over used cover letters. Prospective employers are seeing the same old cover letter coming across their desks from countless applicants. Prospective employers are no longer taking a real close look at these cover letters before sending them to the trash can. Job seekers have spent so much time and energy into putting together their resumes that they leave little time to writing a construction cover letter. They grab up a sample cover letter that they found on the internet or out of book and use this sample as their cover letter. Little thought and effort is put into creating the cover letter that will accompany the job seeker's resume. Prospective employers after seeing this same old cover letter countless times are realizing the minimal effort put forth in the creation of the cover letter.
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The construction cover letter sample below features an experienced Site / Construction Foreman who gained rapid promotion, rising from Carpenter to Site Foreman. After confirming his interest in the vacant position, he briefly highlights his skills. He also states that he has gained recognition from senior managers for his supervisory skills; and then concludes on a high note by reaffirming his suitability for the position.


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A construction manager cover letter template is a document which outlines the manner in which such a cover letter is to be presented, with its proper components aligned in a manner aimed at capturing the interest of a prospective employer. Care should be taken to provide a structural outline which is easy to understand, and yet attractive and innovative at the same time.

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Try to tailor your own letters using the construction management cover letter example above. We can save you time by writing a cover letter and CV for you targeted towards construction site management, contracts management or project management. Please select the type of assistance you require below: