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If an employer has a tray full of applications, why would any of them want an extra piece of paper to read?! Cover letters are so old fashion with no way to know if the applicant it lying about themselves or not without having read their CV too. In my opinion the whole ‘cover letter’ should be scrapped. Are job seekers really expected to write a custom cover letter for each company they apply to?..You could apply to 100 companies in a week, you can’t be expected to write 100 different cover letters each addressing the individual employer. I rather just write one generic cover letter, if I have to have one, then spend the rest of my time searching for more jobs.

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Applications should include the following: cover letter (cover letter addressee: Ms. Jill Gerontis), resume, transcript, writing sample, and list of references.

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Please, double check your cover letter addressee and the email address you are sending to before you hit send