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"ATS tools track keywords that identify skill sets," she says. "So even if you're not right for the job you're seeking, strong keywords improve the chance that your cover letter and resume will be retrieved in a future search or be selected for a more appropriate job."

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With this cover letter and resume he is applying for a job as an event coordinator.

How to Write Interview Winning Cover Letters and Resumes

Are you applying to be an RA and need some guidance to make sure your cover letter and resume meet the requirements? Then join us at a Career Services-sponsored cover letter and resume review session! We'll go over what you need to include in order to move forward in the hiring process and how to best construct a great resume and cover letter.

Step 4: Update or Create Your Cover Letter and Resume

When your cover letter attracts interest, employers read your resume to confirm a positive first impression. Other employers review your resume before a cover letter. In either case, the trick is to make your cover letter and resume qualify for the short stack of keepers, not the big pile that gets passed over. In this competitive job market, cover letters are more important than ever before.

When and how should I follow up after submitting my cover letter and resume
Our Writing a Cover Letter and Resume resources will help you begin the process

Importance of a Great Cover Letter and Resume

You can combine your cover letter and resume into one file and submit that when you upload your resume in the application process. There's no separate place to upload a cover letter by itself.

creation of and effective Cover Letter and Resume… you can have a look here:.

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If you are emailing your resume, I recommend pasting your cover letter into an email and just attaching your resume. There is no need to send a cover letter as an attachment, although you can if you wish. If you do this, name your cover letter and resume clearly, so that recruiters can see which is which.

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