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In the case of the cover letter for sales job samples, the cover letter that you WANT to send and NEED to send to get hired says something about you. Namely, it says "I am an experienced salesperson, I understand the psychology of selling, I am creative, bright, committed and dedicated to meeting goals and achieving success."

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Using the shortcut of a cover letter for sales job sample, however might take you somewhere besides that destination. Judging from the cover letter sales samples letters out there on the internet and in various books, the place it takes you might instead be a letter that in effect says "I am lazy and unoriginal and incapable of expressing myself. Instead, I look for examples of other people's words and use them for myself no matter how old and tired and worn out those words sound."

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Don't sell yourself short with a stale cover letter sales sample. If you are out selling yourself to get a great sales job, "cover letter for sales job samples" might seem like a very attractive shortcut to take. But beware, as the saying goes, "the problem with shortcuts is that they take you places that you didn't intend to go."

Outside Sales Cover Letter. Here is a sample Cover Letter for Outside Sales Job. Your Name Your Address Your City, State, Zip Code Your Phone # Your Email. Date.
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This cover letter for a sales analyst job is in response to a job posting on the company's website. Would also work as website cover note to an uploaded resume.

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