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The Chinese to English Introductory Cover Letter Generator allows Chinese computer users who know little to no English automatically generate a self-introductory cover letter in good English. As an example, professors in English-speaking countries are increasingly receiving emails from students abroad in countries like China, and these students often need to introduce themselves in order to support their reasons for their message. Unfortunately, more often than not these letters contain poorly written English. This software aims to help solve this issue. Using a combination of a “sentence template” system and intelligent natural language processing software, the program assembles each paragraph within the passage sentence by sentence, generating a fairly unique passage each time it is executed. It could be thought of as a variation of the “example based machine translation (EBMT)” concept except that this software generates a passage in English for a specific purpose and is not necessarily just a translation tool. The concept could be expanded to generate any other type of English passage as long as it is one of limited scope.

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In the future use our cover letter generator to manage your cover letters and quickly apply to many jobs with a detailed cover letter. allows you to add skills to your profile that can be reused depending on the job description at hand. Incorporate a generic header and footer then select paragraphs that will work for the respective position. To help others in the job application we allow users to choose to share or hide their cover letter content with other members in the community.

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If you're not the type of person to write documents from scratch, you'll want to know about next key, which is the worldwide web. Look online for sample cover letters and free cover letter templates that suit the type of job you're looking for. It's as easy as filling in the blanks if you manage to locate a cover letter generator online, and this can be accomplished in no time by entering a phrase such as "free cover letter builder" or "free cover letter template" into Bing, Google, Yahoo, or any search engine of your choosing. If you're willing to invest money into your job search, a professional letter template may be available for a reasonable fee from a writing or printing company. Yet another option is to skip the templates and instead look at a variety of free cover letter samples that you can easily find online through a search engine. The idea is to look at a number of examples and let them inspire you to compose a document that suits your particular style, situation, and purpose.

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