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For your best chances of being hired for a job or internship you will need to prepare your resume, cover letter, interviews, and possible funding sources. In a competitive market plan on taking 6-8 months for land your first job. A polished resume and cover letter will help you be competitive and increase your chances of getting that interview. Effective interviewing also takes preparation and practice, so take a look at some of the resources prepared specifically for Letters & Science students.

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31 Expert tips on how to write a Cover Letter and example cover letters to help you get started.

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There is a lot of advice out there on cover letter writing and but how much of it can you actually use? Where do you go for the information you need so you can write a killer cover letter? You’ve found it – Nothing But Cover Letters…for the cover letter help that you’ve been looking for.

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Your cover letter is one of your most important job search tools. It allows you to disclose information that you can’t say in your resume. So you need some cover letter help?

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ATS allow recruiters to access resume databases with keyword searches in much the same way as you use a Google search. The resumes with the most keywords, in the right places within the document and used most frequently rise to the top. The recruiter, just like you in a Google search, will probably look at no more than the top 20 results. How you achieve this is another conversation, but a cover letter can help that ranking and certainly will not hurt it.

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The current job market is very competative. You need to stand out when you apply for a job to get an interview. We can help you build a professional resume and cover letter and help you tailor it to the jobs for which you're applying. We have ways to handle common issues like gaps in employment and too few (or too many) years of experience. We'll show you how to highlight your strengths.

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Cover Letter Help - Writing Errors To Avoid.