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A cover letter in Spanish speaks powerfully and directly to hiring managers and recruiters in their native language and demonstrates your international and bilingual capabilities. Our cover letter translators are native Spanish speakers and experts at ensuring your cover letter translation is culturally authentic and perfect in punctuation, grammar, spelling, usage and style.

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If fluent Spanish is not required for the post, it would still be preferable to send a well-written cover letter in Spanish. This will demonstrate that you have gone to the trouble to communicate in his/her native tongue, which will impress an employer and not necessarily mislead him/her in assuming you are a fluent speaker, as your Spanish language ability should be clearly stated in your CV. The option of writing a badly-written cover letter in Spanish, which, you feel, faithfully and honestly reflects your linguistic ability, should never be considered; this may lead to ambiguities, detract from a professional approach and even make you appear ridiculous!

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How to write your cover letter in Spanish to accompany your curriculum vitae and find work in Spanish-speaking countries around the world.

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To get an idea of what a résumé or cover letter in Spanish should look like, please feel free to download the following sample documents (in PDF).

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