The employer starts evaluating you the moment you make contact, that's why your cover letter introduction is key to the entire job search process. Demonstrate your understanding of what the employer is looking for by highlighting those skills and strengths that meet the stated requirements of the job opportunity.

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Creating a proper introduction is perhaps the most important part of writing a cover letter because it introduces hiring managers to you and helps them decide whether they want to know more about you. There are often a lot of mistakes made when writing cover letter introductions. To help you avoid them, let’s look at what some are and how you can make the changes necessary to improve your cover letter.

5 Ways to Improve Your Cover Letter Introduction

“A cover letter introduction is meant to grab attention and make you stand out. This introduction can include your qualifications, background, where and how you got the job and how it goes hand in hand with the position advertised for.

How to Write a Cover Letter Introduction
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