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The for the four paragraph resume cover letter structure will ensure that your letter addresses what counts. But if you really want attention I suggest you consider assertively delivering what your new employer wants to hear.

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Cover letter structure and format

Writing a stand-out cover letter employs the same techniques as writing a marketing campaign or sales letter. This time, you’re selling yourself. Here are some tips for writing professional cover letters that stand out.
Cover Letter Structure
The cover letter follows the standard business format. Your letterhead, followed by the date, than the name and contact details of the person you’re applying to, then the address, then the content, followed by your name and contact details again.

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A cover letter is structured as a business letter with your contact information (address, perhaps phone number and e-mail) on top; the date; the employer's name, title, and address; a greeting; the paragraphs (introduction, body, and conclusion); "Sincerely," and your signature. Keep cover letters short—three or four paragraphs—and do not exceed one page.

Cover Letter structure
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Cover Letter Structure and Content

Cover Letter Structure The cover letter follows the standard business format

Cover Letter Structure: Your Present Address.

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