How to Respond to the Cover Letter with Salary Requirement Request

At times, when advertising a position, a company may request that candidates submit their resume along with a cover letter with salary requirement. This is an interesting exercise, which is designed to extract the dreamers from the realists, and those with ambition from those who are so desperate for a job that they are willing to sell themselves off for a discount rate. More than that though, it is designed to see how you value things.

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Cover Letter Example with a Salary Requirement/Range

Most professional job postings request that a resume or cover letter with salary requirement be submitted when applying for the position. Often, in addition to disclosing a salary requirement a history of previous salaries will be asked for as well. The first rule to follow when submitting a cover letter with salary requirement is that is the job posting or advertisement does not ask for salary information, do not provide any. All salary information is best broached by the potential employer at his or her chosen time.

Sample Cover Letter With Salary History Listed

Aim high, but do it artfully. Within your own cover letter with salary requirement, you should aim to include a number which matches the marketplace based on some research which can be relatively easily done, or you should aim to include one that is higher than the market demands, but with concrete reasons for that number. In other words, there are times when you know you can bring something extra to an organization, beyond the stated list of requirements, which you know can be genuinely valuable to them. By bringing that thing (or things) to their attention, you not only create a clear justification for your higher salary demand, you also make it known that you have thought of extra ways to help the company succeed and that you understand the value of those ways.

Sample Cover Letter with Salary Requirement
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