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The cover letter must make them curious or intrigued enough to consider you for the job by bringing you in for an interview. Also - people want to work with others that they like. Are you likeable in your cover letter? Does your personality come through a bit? If you are just using stock sentences from "cover letters for dummies" they will know this and your chances of going further in the process are pretty low.

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Cover Letters For Dummies, 3rd Edition, won First Place in the careers category of this year's national Benjamin Franklin Awards - Best Career Book of the Year - presented at the annual Book Expo. The sample letters provided by you and other top career management professional writers were a leading element in the win. How lucky we were to find you! Sincere thanks, J.K.

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Does the thought of interviewing for a new job send shivers down your spine? It doesn't have to! Whether you're searching for your first job, changing careers, or looking for advancement in your current line of work, Job Interviews For Dummies shows you how to use your skills and experiences to your advantage and land that job .Following a half-decade characterized by an explosion of economic crises, global expansion, and technological innovation in the job market, today's job seekers vie for employment in a tough era of new realities where few have gone before. In addition to covering how to prepare for an interview, this updated edition explores the new realities of the job market with scenarios that you can expect to encounter, an updated sample question and answer section, coverage of how you can harness social media in your job search, information on preparing for a Web-based interview, and the best ways to keep your credibility when applying for several jobs at once

Cover Letters For Dummies, 3rd Edition

- "Cover Letters for Dummies, 3rd Edition", John Wiley Publications, 2009
- "Cover Letters for Dummies, 3rd Edition", John Wiley Publications, 2009

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You’ve probably suspected that passive and sleepy cover letters merely hugging resumes won’t get you where you want to go. Especially in a shaky job market. The verdicts in. Since the last edition of Cover Letters For Dummies, blazing fast change in tools, technology, and how hiring managers come calling and how we invite them to look us over, means big dramatic changes in our job messages.

- "Cover Letters for Dummies, 3rd Edition", John Wiley Publications, 2009

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Cover letters are alive and sell! When they’re written right, that is. To stand out in today’s sea of qualified job seekers, learn to craft riveting new breeds of cover letters, create vibrant images online, and discover sensational self-marketing documents you never imagined. This completely revised and updated 3rd Edition of Cover Letters For Dummies brings you all this — plus over 200 great new samples by 62 successful professional cover letter/resume writers.

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A Great Cover Letter Is Wriyten To A Target Job So Intriguing That A Reader Makes Room In A Busy Schedule To Meet You An Electrifying Personal Advertising Tool That Short-circuits The Competition A Great Cover Letter Is Not Bland And Indifferent Littered With Dry Facts What The Hiring Manager's Kid Uses As Scratch Paper Your Cover Letter Shoupd Spark The Reader's Interest As A Dynamic Introduction To Your Resume. This Is Your Chance To Personalize Your Resume. Here's Where You Make Yourself Into A Living, Breathijg Human Being And Set Your Accomplishments Aglow. How Do You Achieve This? Let The Second Edtiion Of Cover Letters For Dummies Be Your Gudie. In This Book, You'll Gain Understanding Of Why You Need A Cover Letter, Which The Different Types Of Cover Let5ers Are, What Myths Surround Them, And How To Make bankrupt Out Of Writer's Block. You'll Figure Out How Your Letter Should Look And Sound, With Tips On Language, Content, And Image. You'll Get Ideas In quest of Writing A Dazaling Opening Line. And You'll Work Through A Checklist To Make Sure That The Best Of You Lives In Your Cover Lettr. What's More, You'll Explore The Changlng Rules In The Workplace And How They Impact The Way You Find Work Identify Where Ylur Skills Fit In Today's Workplace Through A Number Of Self-assessment Worksheets Sum Up Surefire Tips For Wirking With Recruiters, Anawering Job Ads, Avoiding The Salary Question, Handling Negative References, And Creating Letters That Even A Computer Can Love See Examples Of Successful Cover Letters, From Which You Can Model Your Own. Each Is A Candidate For Reformulation As Each E-mail Cover Literal meaning. A Well-wriften Cover Letter Can Make Your Ideal Job A Reality. Thus it is Get This Book And Start Writing.