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But first, be sure that your resume is 100% complete before you start writing the cover letter for any job application. Needless to say, your resume should demonstrate how you suit the jobs you’re applying for.
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– Lists any letters you have attached to applications or other messages, as well as letting you create new letters for attachments (such as cover letters for job applications).


Cover letters for job applications require as much care as your CV or resume. They must be targeted to the jobs. Never use a standard cover letter for any job application. Every one of them must be directed specifically to the job.

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I see no point as to why your cover letter for a job application should be casual. Your cover letter is perhaps the single most importance thing along with your resume which will decide your future with that employer. You just do not have the liberty of being casual and ruining your chances. A casual cover letter just speaks about your callous attitude towards things and will not go down well with any employer.

you create new letters for attachments (such as cover letters for job applications)

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