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Health care is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States right now and a well-written, attention grabbing cover letter for nurse jobs is one of the ways to make sure that you get one of the best jobs in this exciting field.

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It helps if you think of the role that the cover letter is going to play for you. As a nurse, your role is to deliver the highest quality health care to the patients so they recover their health in the fastest and most comfortable manner.

18 Examples of Cover Letters for Nursing Jobs Cover Letters

To do this, your letter must first attract attention and hold it. The way to do this is with an opening that is just a little bit spicier than the average plain vanilla letters that you will be competing against. For instance, starting your cover letter for nurse jobs with an all-caps, centered headline reading AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: EXPERIENCED MATERNITY NURSE focuses the reader's attention immediately and sets them up for what you will tell them next.

Nurse Cover Letter Samples & Templates: Free cover letter samples for nursing jobs. Example cover letters found here: RN, Staff Nurse, New Grad Nurse, Charge Nurse.
I’m writing to you today regarding the nursing job vacancy you posted on (Website Name).

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Study this nursing cover letter example, and use it as a template for writing your own

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