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Looking to improve your chances of getting hired? A great resume with great experience is important, but according to article, “,” 18% of employers say a creative cover letter can differentiate your application from others in a good way.

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It’s really as simple as that. Yes, I’ve heard of people putting together outrageous and creative cover letters and maybe there are companies and industries where those end up working out. If you’re looking for a risk-free, yet effective model to follow, this one will serve you well!

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[This "Please recycle me." Capilene Zip-T is one example of the many creative cover letters we've received. See that label? Old school. A clear sign of experience. We take our work very seriously but we also like creativity and a good laugh. How will you differentiate your resume from the 11,000 we receive each year? Photos: Free]

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Develop creative cover letters and resumes with the help of Sandy Griffin. She also edits and proofreads your work with utmost care while still maintaining your style and intent.Professor Pollack made us go back to the drawing board and challenged us to write a creative cover letter — something that would grab the attention of potential employers and make them want to know more about you. I approached the cover letter as a way to still tell a potential employer all the things they would need to know, but that would also showcase my writing skills and creativity. After trying for a few months to get an internship and failing, I sent my newly polished cover letter to an agency and got a call back, and eventually secured the position. A couple months into my internship, my manager disclosed that my cover letter had been one of the factors that made the company eager to call me for an interview.Everything you are saying about the old way about writing cover letters is true. I hate having to follow what the uncreative people wrote before. Even though we win most of our bids, I would still like to write fresh and creative cover letters and proposals.GREAT cover letter, Sammy! I remember taking this class with you last semester. He helped us figure out ways to create better cover letters. Glad it worked out for you! Below is my creative cover letter. I hope it challenges job hunters to think outside the box, especially given how much is in the job market right now. How do you try to break out of the job hunting mold?
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That said, there’s nothing that says you can’t get a little help. Our will walk you through, step-by-step, how to create a cover letter that rocks.

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You could also draw a mind map on a flip chart and take a picture of it? Be creative! (CAVEAT: Think about whether a creative cover letter is appropriate for the job/ the role/ the organisation you are applying to. I once read a story about an HR manager who received a nude picture of the applicant with a box of chocolates. Her comment: “That got my attention, but needless to say, we never invited the person to an interview – they were not suitable!”)

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Creative cover letters that instantly grab a hiring manager's attention will force him to read your resume... which should always be a primary goal for every cover letter you write.