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In writing a dental assistant cover letter, you should first mention the position for which you are applying. This sets the tone for the rest of the letter and lets the know what position you are seeking within the business. It also avoids any confusion if the dental office is hiring for more than one position. Following this method, your intention is clear from the opening sentences of the letter.

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A resume will go into detail about your work experience and education, but you should give these items a brief mention in your dental assistant cover letter. Don't go overboard in explaining your qualifications; your resume will do that. Simply highlight what experience and training makes you right for the job at hand.


The format of a dental assistant cover letter is practically the same as any standard letter. It should include your name and address, your prospective employer's name and address, and the date the letter is composed. Additionally, cover letter guidelines typically advise a formal greeting and closing, as well as a handwritten signature. This format shows a high level of professionalism and will help you on your to path to become a dental assistant.

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A properly written dental assistant cover letter is the first step to acquiring work as a dental assistant. Most recruiters will look at the cover letter before anything else. If attention-grabbing and personal, while not being overly informal, the right cover letter can help you land the job of your dreams.
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The entire letter should be short and sweet. There is never any need to ramble, as this may work against the applicant. Use the first paragraph as an intro to basically discuss personal things and to do some basic introductions. The body of the letter should be used to discuss goals and training for the position applying. The whole thing is to show the prospective employer why they have to hire the person they are reading about. Remember, usually there are at least 100 applicants for each job, so there has to be something about the resume and cover letter package that stands out from the rest. Here is a sample of a dental assisting cover letter.

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Writing Dental assistant resume is one task and brings it into the attention of the recruiter is another. Dental assistant cover letter is your first job application impression in front of your employer. You can provide more information about yourself in a cover letter which you could not do in the resume.

A dental assistant cover letter is one of the most important aspects of a job application

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First there must be a proper company name on the dental assistant cover letter. If a person’s name was on the ad as a contact reference, then make sure to include their name. Never use the mundane intro of “To whom it may concern.” The goal with the cover letter is to be a bit more personal, so try “Dear Hiring Manager.” Dental assisting is a popular career choice, and there are plenty of applicants to choose from. The employer is looking for someone who has something about them that stands out from the rest. Whether it is unique career training or an achievement in past work, this letter is a way to connect in a different way.