Activity 2: Beforehand, download Power Point presentation from attached web site. These pictures will include images of turtle identification, navigation, reproduction, and conservation. Go through each turtle identification slide; discuss the characteristics that the students noticed and what species they thought it was. Take note of the different morphology structure of the shell and facial features. Comment on the fact that many of the turtle’s names and identification are based on physical features. Explain any identifying characteristics, habitat, diet and their endangered status that the students don’t mention. Go through the rest of the sections, asking the questions provided on the slides and discussing the concepts before continuing on to the next slide. If the teacher doesn’t have access to Power Point, overheads with the pictures can be used, and the background information should suffice for discussion.

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Karin Pape, WIEGO and Global Labour Institute Download Power Point Presentation

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Tina Goethe, SWISSAID and WIDE SwitzerlandFood Sovereignty as one answer to the Care Crisis
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World Trade Institute: Agriculture and Care

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Frances Lund, University of KwaZulu-Natal,South AfricaDownload Power Point presentation
Ito Peng, University of TorontoDownload Power Point presentationDownload speech

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Sabin Bieri, Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (ICFG), University of BerneDownload Power Point Presentation

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Brigitte Schnegg, Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (ICFG), University of BerneDownload Power Point presentation

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