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Here's what you should you consider when crafting an email cover letter.

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Your email cover letter and email resume should be sent as separate documents—NOT as one document—unless specifically asked to do so by an employer.

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The only acceptable files for email resumes and email cover letters that you should use are .doc for a Microsoft Word document, a .pdf for Adobe Acrobat reader, or a .rtf for Rich Text Format. However, always read the job posting carefully for specific instructions. If the employer requests a certain file type, or a preference for a certain file type, obviously go with that one. If the employer does NOT request a specific type, use one of the following types:

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An email cover letter template will serve the same purpose as any other cover letter which explains why you are a good candidate for the job. Indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line. Check your spellings and grammar and be brief but sell yourself.This article discusses the importance of including an email cover letter when submitting a resume, gives some tips on how to write an email cover letter and provides two email cover letter samples.
After reading this article, you may be interested in reading:An email cover letter has to grab the reader's attention quickly in order to be effective. In-boxes are full of emails that need to be read so get across your main points promptly and powerfully. Attach your files—email cover letter first, then email resume—unless the employer specifically states NO ATTACHMENTS. If the employer states NO ATTACHMENTS in the job posting, then copy and paste your cover letter and resume (in that order) into the body of the email. No further work is necessary if that is the case. Click send.A solid email cover letter serves as an introduction of your resume to a potential employer – this cover letter briefly describes your compatibility for the position in question.
You may also add some points that are already written in your resume, such as: skills, education and years of experience.
Therefore, writing an email serves the purpose of making personal contact between the prospective employer and yourself.Thoroughly spell-check and proofread your email letter. And remember, your email software's spell-checker won't catch grammar mistakes. Send it to a friend first and ask him to check it for content and style. If all your friends are tapped out, or even if they aren't, test your email cover letter by emailing it to yourself, and put yourself in the mind-set of an employer when you read it.
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Therefore, you have to ensure that the resume that you send to the prospective employer is the perfect resume you could come up with. Along with the resume, there is another important piece of documentation that is reviewed closely during the hiring process – the email cover letter.

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The cover letter is not a new aspect, as it existed even when the interaction between prospective employer and employee was via regular mail, of course, with the advent of the digital age, the format and type of cover letter has changed a bit and given rise to the email cover letter.

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