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You don't want to search in general terms like "example cover letter",or you will find 100,000,000 million options for unrelated jobs. So wewant to be very specific in our correct search terms. Well, you willfind what you are looking for a lot faster anyway. Don’t get me wrong,this broad search will still help you, although it will be better foryou in the long run if you find as many samples that are alreadyprepared for the job position you are seeking.

See our example cover letter for a speculative job application.

Job hunting? Write a great cover letter using these example cover letters as a starting point.

Assistant Professor / Data Management Specialist Example Cover Letter

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What choices or options do you have when you sit down and say toyourself, how can I write this cover letter? If you would not like todo it on your own, you can always buy software that will make it a loteasier for you, or pay a friend to write it for you. It is moregratifying to write it on your own merits if possible, you will feelbetter about it, and also the self knowledge that you put into it willcome out automatically in the job interview. But how do I start thisproject if you have never written a cover before. The answer for you myfriend, is by first, obtaining an example cover letter.

See our sample cover letters for position openings below for an example cover letter template
Example Cover Letter for an Administrative Assistant

Data Management / E-Science Librarian Example Cover Letter

Remember to use as a guide only the example cover letter you found offthe internet. Edit and use all of your own information. Changeeverything to suit your own situation. The examples of formats outthere are many. You really don’t have to work to hard at it to completeyour own cover for your resume. About three paragraphs are all youneed. Just say it differently so that it brings out the you. Follow theexamples and you will have created something you can be proud of whenyou are finished. It’s a great feeling doing it yourself.

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Example Covering Letter - University of Kent

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Example Cover Letter in Spanish