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We are proud to offer a full range of employment services to the campus community. We use personal interaction and online tools to build strong working relationships with our customers. The employment staff is dedicated to helping match candidates with job opportunities and insure that departments meet their current and future staffing needs. In addition, we can assist staff in achieving their career goals by offering help in writing excellent cover letters and resumes designed to attract attention of hiring managers

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Within the first year, I have worked with UNIFORCE filling several jobs. They always presented qualified candidates in the most professional manner with excellent cover letters and resumes. UNIFORCE has capabilities to fill all types of positions: from IT, Finance and Administration with temporary and direct hire staffing. The account manager at UNIFORCE is a true entrepreneur, always thinking how to make his business a solution to companies like ours. UNIFORCE is a multifaceted staffing firm with well-trained and friendly staff. UNIFORCE is friendly to their clients, candidates, and also their dogs (mascots) located at their office.

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Cover Letter Format Template printable printable letter samples and templates for your business or personal matter. Excellent Cover Letter 2014. Basic Cover Letter Format is free wallpaper that you can download for free. Besides resume, a professionally formatted is the most important things in an job application. It is vital in fetching you the interview and also in helping you to win the job. The goal of every job seeker is to win their target job and that is why you need to tailor your cover letter template with this goal or purpose in mind. Cover letter is submitted to an employer complementarily wit the resume for the job or position. Most job seekers no longer give attention to cover letter. They believe that resume templates are the most important thing and hence they seldom write a cover letter.

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“I had a great experience at Anderson College, especially for taking us, the Everest Students, in. My instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable. My career services councilor helped me a great deal with my resume and also taking the time to help me create excellent cover letters for jobs I was applying to. Thank you Anderson for all you have done to help me graduate.” - Edward S.

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When you are looking for that great nursing job keep in mind that competition is very tight. Most healthcare facilities have implemented hiring freezes because of the poor economy. Therefore, your application may be one in a pile of hundreds. So how do you get an employer to consider you for the job? If you can include an excellent nurse cover letter with your resume this is a great start.

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