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To apply for this job, you would need an executive cover letter. To help you with this, here are two sample executive administrative assistant cover letters or executive secretary cover letters.


2. Sample Executive Administrative Assistant Cover Letter (for fresher)

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample

The applicant may find it beneficial to use the executive assistant cover letter as an opportunity to provide an example of her work skills. The example should be a specific instance in which the applicant used skills that are pertinent to the new job for which she is applying. For example, if the new job qualifications include knowledge of a certain type of computer program, then the applicant can include an example of how she used that type of program to complete a presentation or series of reports for her previous employer. The applicant can also list awards and any special recognition she may have received in previous work experiences that relate to her talents and skills.

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The executive assistant cover letter should be specific and concise in its address, content, and salutation. The letter can begin by addressing the hiring manager specifically if that information is available, such as "Dear Mr. Gomez", or to the company's human resources department if the name is not provided. To avoid unnecessary length and wordiness, a one page letter usually consists of between four and five paragraphs, with each paragraph containing three to five sentences. In the final paragraph, the applicant may ask to arrange a specific meeting time and location at which her further qualifications can be discussed in an interview. The nature of this type of position requires exceptional clerical skills, and the applicant should proofread the letter several times to ensure no grammatical or spelling errors exist.

Executive assistant cover letter sample
Use the executive assistant cover letter below as a template to write your own cover letter

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Use the executive assistant cover letter below as a template to write your own cover letter. Make sure to include any unique or special experience in the first paragraph of your letter in order to get more attention from the person who is reviewing it. Additionally, include special awards/acknowledgement/feedback you've received in pervious jobs, even if they are not related to the current position you are applying for.

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Executive Administrative Assistant Cover Letter for Resume

The resume and the executive assistant cover letter can be designed to complement one another in style. The applicant can use basic word editing software to create a letterhead which features her name, address, telephone number, and email address. This letterhead can be printed on the tops of both the resume and letter to create a uniform look that also demonstrates the candidate's computer skills and attention to detail.

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Write a compelling executive assistant cover letter to send with your resume and make the right impression. Stand out from the competition with a well written and instructive cover letter that gets your resume read and gets you the job interview. Highlight your suitability for the job with a persuasive resume objective and skills summary.