Finally, this free cover letter sample is actionable... it finishes with a clear call to action for the recruiter to contact her. And if that doesn't work, Jenn tells the reader she truly IS a go-getter who will follow up on her own.

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Each sample cover letter includes a little bio of the example job seeker to give you an idea if a particular cover letter format is a fit for you. So be sure to grab your target job, match your skills to the employer’s requirements, and get downloading these free cover letter samples. Ohh, and there are a few available for download too. Aren’t I a super nice gal? Um, don’t answer that.

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Applying for your dream job? Need help writing your Cover Letter? Read up on our tips & advice. Download free cover letter samples and make this job application a success!

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Free Cover Letter Sample for a CFO position

The following free cover letter sample is for a CFO position

Sample Resume Cover Letter Template Style 1 · Free Cover Letter Sample Template Style 2

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Looking for a resume cover letter example? View 2 free resume cover letter samples to use as a guide as you write yours.

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