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Funnily enough, I've been asked to send a handwritten cover letter together with my résumé to apply for my actual job, here in Canada. I was surprised as I knew it was a very European (or a least "French") practice. I don't think it was for a graphology analysis, maybe just to know if my writing was legible (I'm a secretary, thus need to leave notes on desks! hehe).

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Detail of the handwritten cover letter attached to this 1859 document.

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We are always accepting resumés from qualified individuals. If you are interested in employment, please personally deliver a handwritten cover letter and a copy of your resumé.

How to Write a Handwritten Cover Letter for a Resume

However I am taking the view that a handwritten covering letter is a little old fashioned, and I will try to persuade her to not do it again. It took me some months to persuade her to ditch the quill and ink well though.;)

Send your resume with handwritten cover letter, salary expectations and references to:
If you have the requisite qualifications, send copies of your certificates and a handwritten cover letter to the principal of your respective college by 30th September. Siemens also likes the personal touch – sometimes a handwritten cover letter or a career profile that shows “warmth and character” will keep you ahead of the other candidates. Mr Jones said: “What we want is to get a picture of the whole person.” Pleaseprovide a handwritten cover letter together with your CV. Applications (noagencies, thank you) or requests for additional information should be addressedto:
A job application in France should begin with a one page, handwritten cover letter (your handwriting may be used for character analysis)...

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Well, that's a relief... my handwriting is somewhat schizophrenic in nature anyway; it changes based on the day of the month, the mood I'm in, or how rushed I am. I've been dreading the "handwritten cover letter" aspect of trying to apply for a job in France. Maybe by the time I'm ready for some serious job-hunting, the handwriting analysis will be interdit!

A handwritten cover letter adds a lovely personal touch that will impress an employer

Occasionally you may be asked for a handwritten cover letter.

In this modern age where everything seems to be computerized, it is no wonder that few people opt to submit a handwritten cover letter or resume.

In the past, there were resume templates that one could use to fill-out manually. But now, everything is typed neatly on a computer and sent via email, so employers get to read and file the resumes more efficiently.

However, having a handwritten cover letter to accompany a resume can help you stand out compared to other applications. It may appear old-fashioned yet it is personal and specific at the same time.

If you want to create a handwritten cover letter for your resume, read the tips below to help you.

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Excepting the above, there are no rules that define when you should opt for a handwritten letter over a typed or electronic one, and you should use your own judgement to determine what kind of letter is appropriate. Bear in mind, however, that close friends and family members will always appreciate a handwritten letter. A prospective employer might also welcome a neat, handwritten cover letter to a CV or resume. This also helps to make your application stand out from other people’s – hopefully not for all the wrong reasons: