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Unless they specify differently, I put my cover letter in the body of the email. I tend to prefer a more informal cover letter that exhibits my personality. I do not like form cover letters... although am guilty of using a "basic" letter that I modify - either adding to or deleting from or highlighting different skills as the advertisement requires.

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With your submission, I’d like an informal cover letter that will tell me something about you so that I can understand where your writing is coming from. I’m eager to dig into your work, so let’s get to it!

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Please title your submission with the genre of your work. Do not submit more than once in the same genre within 3 months unless we have responded to your first submission. Include an informal cover letter and a brief third person bio. We may also ask you if we might use your work for other formats used in the anthology, such as broadsides, t-shirts or interactive media.If you are interested at working in Toptester, please send your CV with informal cover letter to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .Please PM me (Jonathan Straw) directly. To expedite the process, it would be helpful to include a link to your CV/Resume/Portfolio (whatever you have available) and an email address. If you could include a brief message in your PM as an informal cover letter, that would help me tons.
An informal cover letter provides a feeling of closeness, but is not regarded highly by employers

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With many uses, from an informal cover letter to jotting down a quick note accompanying an enclosure, compliments slips can be as straightforward or as creative as you wish.

I tend to prefer a more informal cover letter that exhibits my personality

An informal cover letter (i.e., the applicant's email itself)

I tend to a more informal cover letter and allow my personality to show through. Here would be a couple of examples of cover letters I personally like:

I tend to a more informal cover letter and allow my personality to show through

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You can use this modified version of the informal cover letter if you’re applying for a job online through sites like SimplyHired, Indeed, or a company’s internal job-application page. These sites may only allow you to submit a brief cover letter via a few lines of cut-and-pasted plain text, and you may not know who the hiring manager is. In those cases, just stick to a summary of your qualifications and use a generic greeting, like Dear Hiring Manager: