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“You can Download the Free Interview Cover Letter Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Interview Cover Letter Template is either in MS Word and Editable PDF.”

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Take a moment after the interview to think about what just happened. Jot down a note on your phone or tablet when you return to your car. What struck you about the meeting? What did you appreciate or learn? Tuck a line or two about that into your after-interview cover letter and you will seal the deal. You will not easily be forgotten.

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That's it. Complete every job interview with an after-interview cover letter or note. And don't be surprised if you receive a phone call within a few days—from someone at the company inviting you in for a second interview for the job you want.

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The well detailed structure along with important content details helps the user to quickly add in his personal details and thus customise the template as per his needs and specifications. Many people use these templates in the case where they are unable to draft a cover letter themselves. If you are looking for samples of an interview cover letter, then this website is just the right stop for your search.

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POST-INTERVIEW COVER LETTER TIP: Obviously you want to address this letter by name to the person who conducted the interview. You'll also want to keep this cover letter friendly, enthusiastic and very brief (one or two paragraphs max). Don't be afraid to ASK for the job! (Brought to you by )

After any job interview, send the person who conducted your interview a 'post-interview cover letter' that says thank you for the opportunity

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An interview cover letter template bears a great deal of importance for the concerned person since it assists in writing a well organized cover letter to be mailed at relevant organizations/institutes seeking for the desired job. It helps with its readymade format, in saving time and effort for writing the cover letter.