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Whether you're a business owner or manager who needs to be able to spot the best cover letter in a pile of applications or you're the person who's trying to advance his career and needs to compose that killer cover letter, da Vinci's note is worth a quick study.

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Having successfully landed a job at Deloitte as an ARTS student I've since gone on to help hundreds of people with their applications. If you want to build a truly killer cover letter I'll walk you through this guide and give you an AMAZING and the ONLY template you'll ever need alongside the knowledge and tools for super customisation :)

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Thanks to this book and this disk, you'll never again have to struggle over composing the kind of killer cover letter that grabs the attention of prospective employers and lands interviews. You'll be able to effortlessly produce the appropriate letter you need for any job opening, in any company, in any situation. You'll have a huge edge over thousands of other job-seekers—from people who write weak and disorganized letters—to people who send standardized form letters—and those who fail to include cover letters at all, not knowing that cover letters are as important as resumes.

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To write one of these killer cover letters, you've got to do the "little things" that will put a smile on the face of hiring managers and plant a "seed" in their minds that you are the special employee they've been looking for.Hopefully this article has demystified the mystery behind the anatomy of a killer cover letter. Once the components are broken down it’s easier to see how it’s possible to tell your story in just a few paragraphs and land that job interview in under a page. Now go get it covered! So let’s lose the drama, learn some anatomy, and get the facts right by authoring a cover letter that exceeds any editor’s great expectations. Here’s the general Anatomy of a Killer Cover Letter:One last thing left to do before you send off your application – but you just don’t know how to even start with your cover letter? Writing – deleting – rewriting over and over and over again? Don’t worry we’ve all been there and this guide will help you write the type of killer cover letter, that will really get employers keen.An excellent cover letter requires you pay great attention to detail, and that you put yourself in the shoes of the HR department. It is more-than-okay to showcase your talents and to entertain (a little bit). Be empathetic, and imagine what you would want to read. Most of all, recognize that you are the best person for the position, and reveal your wondrous story – you’re bound to land that job with your killer cover letter!There are lots of tips and tricks on how to write a killer cover letter, but here are the lesser-known ones, which can make a difference between getting a job and heading towards social services for unemployment. When you are on a mission to achieve brilliance, you must not be afraid to try out something new–phrases and voices you’ve never used before in a cover letter.
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In the second paragraph of your killer cover letter you must give concrete examples of your qualifications. The company you would like to work for has an exact need that they want to fill – be sure to target that need! Outline a few specific activities you have performed in your career that best pairs you for the position.

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Huh, you are not there yet? Honey, you are one killer cover letter away from that dream job. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your working life stuck in that boring job, put your creativity at work. Here are some secrets on how to write a killer cover letter.

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So you want to write that killer cover letter to land your dream job? Not so fast. You’ve got to give your cover letter the respect it deserves. For years, the Hiring Manager at XYZ Corporation has been reading all kinds of these letters, giving a few the green light… but she’s been rejecting all the rest. In order to grab her attention in all the right ways, follow these seven easy steps.