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* BIG NEWS. In July '11, Lar Krug, Arlene Case, RN, and Cynthia wall met with Ray Hino (CEO of MCDH) and proposed the tranformation of one of the hospital's room into a place of peace for end-of-life care. As we started describing it, we kept building the ideas: a place for family to sleep, a new modern bed with more comforts, an entertainment center. Colors, beautiful flooring, new fixtures! It is going to happen! On Thursday 22nd of December, Lar Krug will be making a Power Point presentation to the MCDH Board of Directors, showcasing the designs of John Calhoun, a designer here in Ft. Bragg. He has donated his time and he and Lar have visited many other hospitals to see their rooms. Everyone in the hospital is supportive and we are ready to start fundraising the $40,000+ it will take (the bed alone can be $15,000). More to be revealed as it develops!!!

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Ever want to make awesome Powerpoint presentations to impress your boss or teacher?

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Awesome PowerPoint presentations usher in what everybody desires: the attainment of goals. These presentations—if prepared and administered efficiently—are worth more than millions especially to big brands. Of course, the results are mirrored on smaller brands.That said, it’s worth investing time and effort to create a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation. Why? These tools while primarily used for marketing, are geared towards effective communication. If they are utilized wisely, they can catapult a company’s sales performance for the long haul. Consequently, ballooning sales volume translates to business growth.This is a simple guide on better PowerPoint presentations:1. Simplify.2. Tell a story.3. Clarify points within the body.4. Have a grand finale. Incite action. Solicit emotions.Let’s usher in more detailed explanations about the guide above.Here are some more insights about PowerPoint presentations: In conversations, you may metaphorically dance with the thoughts of whom you’re talking with. This will help you formulate thoughts; but in a PowerPoint presentation, you’re on the spot. Fail to deliver a clear and easy to remember message and your audience will go home confused and your reputation tarnished.So what makes an awesome PowerPoint presentation?To summarize everything, awesome PowerPoint presentations are short, punchy, and clear.These tricks will be able to help you as they had helped me in overcoming fear of public speaking:

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Even if the government makes a power-point presentation, such an exercise will prove futile without consensus as the opposition has announced to boycott such a presentation. Even as there are indications that Monday’s session will be stormy, leaders of opposition Congress are also dead against the CM’s plans to make a power point presentation in the House.

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Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s plans to hold a joint session of the Legislative Assembly and Council has raised many eyebrows. Sources in the Assembly made it clear that a CM cannot convene a joint session. “Only the Governor has the right to convene a joint session and the CM has to look for other alternatives like making a power point presentation separately in Assembly and Council or at any other venue,” an official opined.

Learn how to make awesome and powerful powerpoint presentations in easy to follow steps.

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Ever want to make awesome Powerpoint presentations to impress your boss or teacher? Well the solution is here folks. Today, I will show you the easiest way to create your very own nice personal slides for free!

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You have decided to add a survey on your website to get customer's input that will be used to provide better service delivery and information on how they heard about your company. Your company has already created the pages that display your products, but now you will need to create an online order form so that potential customers will be able to purchase products with a click of their mouse. You will need to add a button on your home page that will open the order form page, as well as a link to the survey page that will open in a new window. The last part of the project will include making a power point presentation that will be an advertisement of your products. You will also include another button on your home page that will open the power point presentation on the web. Since this is an advertisement piece, make sure you include information on why your products are the best on the market. Include why your product is better than your competitors and include information on environmental and social issues related to the manufacturing of your products. An example of an environmental piece is the Bryers Ice Cream commercial where they advertise they only use natural products in their ice cream where their competitors include synthetic ingredients. The social component could include topics like "our company's environment is like one large family." Make sure you include both the social and environmental issues in your presentation.