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Raphael Mnishovsky, the friend of Marci who was the reputed source of Bacon's story, was himself a cryptographer (among many other things), and apparently invented a cipher which he claimed was uncrackable (ca. 1618). This has led to the theory that he produced the Voynich manuscript as a practical demonstration of his cipher - and made poor Baresch his unwitting "guinea pig". After Kircher published his book on Coptic, Mnishovsky (so the theory goes) may have thought that stumping him would be a much better trophy than stumping Baresch, and convinced the alchemist to ask the Jesuit's help. He would have invented the Roger Bacon story to motivate Baresch. Indeed, the disclaimer in the Voynich manuscript cover letter could mean that Marci suspected a lie. However, there is no definite evidence for this theory.

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As a condition of publication, all authors must transfer copyright to the ASBMB, Inc. Manuscript submitted under multiple authorship are reviewed on the assumption that all listed authors concur in the submission and that the final version of the manuscript has been seen and approved by all authors. The Editors maintain discretion in allowing authors who are deceased if their contributions are described in detail in a statement of authors contributions in the submitted manuscript cover letter and at the end of the published paper.

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revision submitted to journal · revise and resubmit cover letter · cover letter resubmission · revised manuscript cover letter · manuscript revision.

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