Should I include personal information on my cover letter?

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Do I need to include my e-mail address in my cover letter?

Now, with the back story out of the way, I have a question regarding my cover letter.

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In addition, I began my current position as an intern doing busy work like changing passwords, and in my time there I have assumed the responsibility of and eliminated the need for multiple individuals we once outsourced to. Is this something I could add to my cover letter, resume, or should I just save it for conversation?

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I am overall new to the cover letter thing and job seeking in general, but I believe I've outgrown my current position that started as an internship. I'm just trying to reflect my passion and desire in my cover letter, but am having some difficulties at this point.

Would it be acceptable, beneficial, or bad to mention my current job in my cover letter?
"I cannot express how helpful this has been. I was previously getting NO response at all from my cover letter - until using your service. Since then, I've received several interviews and am on my way to an exciting new career"
Last week we were told to swap our cover letters with someone next to us and have them check our work. i made a few small changes then i had my cover letters checked again this week by my lecturer Kate. This is the new version:
My Cover Letter.

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When and how should I follow up after submitting my cover letter and resume?

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"I was completely unaware of what companies are looking for. This product helped me word and format my professional cover letter and the examples were extremely useful. Overall, this is a great product. I would highly recommend these services."

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If one applies to one job then the chances are that that person won’t get that job. I am applying for ACA training contracts. I guarantee that no matter how custom made I make my cover letter, I won’t get a position if I send it to only one company. I have got a list of 86 employers that have vacancies. 86 might give me a 5% chance when compared with just 1 application. However I can’t spend 2 hours on each cover letter for 86 employers – it’s simply not possible. But trust me, I WANT their jobs and I have commitment.