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A nanny is an individual that cares for little children in their homes by providing assistance to parents in the fulfillment of the needs of their children. Sometimes referred to as a babysitter, a nanny is responsible for taking care of little babies and children up to the age of 12 by catering to their physical, educational, nutritional, social, emotional and other needs. Below is a nanny cover letter sample that can be used as a visual reference for those looking to write their own cover letter.

Nanny Cover Letter Sample 2 (Bullet format)

Here is a sample nanny cover letter outline:

How To Write A Childcare Cover Letter Or Nanny Cover Letter

The general idea of the nanny cover letter is to let the family know why you would be the best nanny. Though your resume may have all the jobs you have worked, what it doesn’t do is give you a voice and become more personal. There has to be something to make your resume stand out from the rest. Take an opportunity to elaborate on your experiences. Most people want to see that you have previously taken care of children. If you have never had an official job, then make sure to tell all your experiences, even if it is just watching children in the family or being a nursery worker at church.

Sample Nanny Cover Letter - Job Interviews

Your nanny cover letter should immediately convince the reader that you have the suitable skills and attitude to efficiently carry out the required child care duties and household tasks. Highlight those skills that relate directly to the job posting. Looking after children is a highly responsible job and your child care cover letter should focus on your proven track record in successfully caring for children.

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Did you know that the Dear Family letter you write on your profile is essentially your nanny cover letter?

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Nanny Cover Letter Tips

Writing a Nanny Cover Letter (with Samples) - Sample Letters

● Use an appropriate salutation: Start writing the Nanny Cover Letter with Dear and last name of the employer.

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