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Center for Medicaid and Medicare developed an online Power Point Presentation to inform consumers on changes to how they are improved their website Nursing Home Compare . An in depth power point explaining their 5 star rating system and how the system is applied to individual nursing homes. Background information about as well as screen shots of their new web interface are shared. Go to Nursing Home Compare for acutual comparison database.

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Most nursing research classes serve to give you a basic overview of how research is conducted and interpreted so that you can effectively use research in your practice. Everyone worries about the papers they’ll need to write. The NSNA has a helpful guide to help you through a literature review. And Cincinnati Childrens has an online Power Point presentation with tips for forming sound research questions.

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We realize that not everyone’s schedule allows him/her to attend a 3 day classroom course. Therefore, we created this course to help students who require some flexibility to obtain his/her Pre-licensing Education Credit. The coursework is a combination of an online Power Point Presentation and self study using the Kaplan National License Exam Manual. For Life, Accident, Health Insurance or Life Only Insurance you will use the Life & Health Insurance License Exam Manual (2nd edition) and Mississippi State Law Supplement (effective date May 1st, 2014). For Property & Casualty Insurance or Adjuster Insurance you will use the Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam Manual (1st edition revised) and Mississippi State Law Supplement (effective date May 1st, 2014). (If you do not have a manual already, you may purchase through us).

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Zoho Show is another free online powerpoint presentation tool that helps you prepare and share your presentations from anywhere. Zoho Show comes from the makers of .
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All the changes are saved directly and provide safe storing for all your documents behind a firewall. You only need to set up Zoho office kit available online and navigate through the screens to finish installing Zoho office. Then create a Zoho account and start creating your online powerpoint presentation for free. Follow the link to check out more details about

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Erin Reilly and Debora White reviewed the highlights of a recent presentation of the 8th Ed. Residential Code presented by Mike Guigli of the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards. The focus was on the Massachusetts Amendments but it also touched on some the changes between the MA 7th Edition and the IRC-MA 8th Edition, many of which are identified in the online power point presentation the BBRS makes available (Link Below). In addition, Mr. Guigli noted that he will respond to any questions sent to him by email. He also noted that that any unofficial interpretations by the BBRS are superseded in sequence by BBRS official interpretations, the Building Code, and MA laws.

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An online power point presentation that discusses the nature and extent of underage drinking, and how it affects adolescent development decision making. Also, the interaction of genes and environment on underage drinking, as well as the extent of the underage drinking problem, are covered in this presentation.