Police patrol officer cover letter sample

A police officer's main duty is to save the citizens from any kind of crimes. He helps to maintain peace while serving the law and order in the society. A police officer is also responsible for preventing the crime and eradicating the fear of the criminals from society. There are many designations for a police officer's post. Here, we are considering two examples for two different positions for writing a police officer resume cover letter.

Police officer cover letter sample

You can save as this Police officer cover letter form/template as pdf/word file. Update: 2011.

Police Officer Cover Letter Sample

I am writing this Police Officer cover letter in reference to your advertisement in New York Post last Tuesday. I am the well trained and experienced Police Officer, as described in your ad, and have submitted my resume with this cover letter.

Police Officer Cover Letter Sample preview.

This site includes various police cover letters. The police promotion cover letters can use when you are applying for promotion from one grade to another. It helps you to place emphasis on your achievements thus making you look desirable for a promotion. The police investigation cover letter, railroad police cover letter and police officer cover letters will help you to create a customized cover letter. It helps you to describe the skills necessary for police job in the particular department.

Police Officer Cover Letter Sample
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