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Sobel & Co. professionals are frequently asked to speak at local and national industry and business programs, as well as at events we host within the firm. This is the place where you can access the presentations we have created, as well as those of a range of guest speakers from our conferences and seminars. We are proud to offer these Power Point presentations for you as a valued resource for your company.

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We've designed Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for every type of project.

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Amazing PowerPoint slides can transform a presentation into an energetic, effective and impressive communication and help give your message a bigger impact. Creating high quality slides is truly a difficult task though, especially if you are not used to design PowerPoint presentation slides.

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The whole idea in using PowerPoint presentation slides is to make a presentation as effective and clear as possible by visually supporting the spoken word. The purpose is to send a clear message to the audience and make all of them remember the essential parts. This is why your PowerPoint template design should be given proper consideration.

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Hyperlinks embedded within the slides (as either colored text or an information "i" icon) will take the user to pages within the that further explore the grammatical issue being discussed. The Powerpoint presentation remains "on" in the background (It won't move without you!) and you can return to the presentation at any time. Slideshop offers a wide variety for different types of PowerPoint presentation templates. You will find bar charts, pie charts, line charts, puzzle diagrams, arrows, cubes, spheres, etc. in different styles and colors. Data-driven charts can illustrate your data in no time with the utmost accuracy. The maps provide a superb tool for any sort of geographical depiction--a very common requirement in today's ever-shrinking world. There are maps for all major countries and destinations around the globe. We have designed several PowerPoint templates to suit various aspects of business: project management, marketing, planning, sales, management, transportation, finance, recruitment, branding and social networking, to name just a few.Slideshop has made it extremely easy to create effective PowerPoint presentations. What do you need to do? Just download that suit your requirements. All the templates and slides at Slideshop are carefully designed so that anyone can use them instantly. But what if you want to create your own version and incorporate your own color scheme and pictures along with your text? Well, there's ample scope to include your own ideas in our ; just a couple of clicks will suffice.Consumer goods is an incredibly competitive industry. For a team to compete, it must quickly and accurately understand the behaviors and insights that shape demand. Our PowerPoint presentations can help you efficiently convey new trends, reporting and action items to your people so they are equipped to make the right decisions.
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PowerPoint Presentations Tabs toggles many PowerPoint Presentation Windows via tabs in the same windows, as those in IE7 or . PowerPoint Presentations Tabs brings a tab bar laying PowerPoint’s Ribbon and workplace for displaying multiple presentations. It is an important component of .

This add-in, PowerPoint Presentations Tabs, enables numerous functions by mouse:

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Inspire your team to work together as a unit explaining the fruits of team work with this Team Work PowerPoint presentation. Add appealing pictures and data.

Power point presentations of the conference can be accessed by clicking on the title.

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There are several PowerPoint presentations available within the Guide to Grammar and Writing. These presentations make for rather hefty files and downloading may take some time over phone lines. Each presentation's size is noted below.