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This free download area contains some useful information on how to assemble your new bee equipment, when and how to medicate your bees, and what steps to take when your bees arrive. There is also a Power Point slide presentation that features the history of beekeeping and some facts about bees and beekeeping (you can customize this slide show to create your own presentation). We have also included a mini newsletter that will help you take the right steps as you progress through the season. And for those of you who prefer turning pages to surfing the net, there is even an electronic catalogue that contains product information from bee-commerce.

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A pdf version of a power point slide presentation covering the above topics is

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52 True Stories of People at NASA… are presented in this power point slide presentation. Each story is associated with a Leadership Tip which make this material ideal for leadership development purposes.

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Ham Cram is now available free as a power point slide presentation. You can click on the hyperlink to download your copy. Schools and clubs are encouraged to offer the HAM CRAM course and to use the Excel Based Virtual Demonstration Lab (below) to display time and frequency domain signals.

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Power Point slide presentation from Dennis Trittin's talk at the FCCLA 2015 National Conference in Washington, DC:

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