We advise you to review these cover letter samples for inspiration, but please note that reproducing the professionally written cover letter samples will only serve to water down your professional brand and resume-response rate. because of the brand-driven resumes and cover letters we create. You’ll notice the cover letters above contain no filler words or “fluff”. They communicate the value our clients offer potential employers in a concise, specific, and polished way.

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There are various professional cover letter samples available on this site that you can use as a guideline. You can make changes or add data and modify these letters as per your preference. Along with cover letters, you can find follow up letters, job acceptance letters, rejection letters, and thank you letters. These letters can be used during the entire recruitment process to keep in touch with the recruiter. The follow up letters can be used when you do not get any reply from the employer. You can send this letter to reapply for the job because you did not get any reply. The job acceptance letters can be used to confirm that you are excepting the job once you get appointment letter. The rejection letter can be used to tactfully refuse that job you have been offered without losing the opportunity of future employment. The thank you letters can be used to thank the employer for their time and reassure your interest in the job.

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In this senior level sales professional cover letter sample we included three strong bulleted accomplishments, which aren't mentioned in the resume. Certain keywords words are in bold font which draws the eye to them. It is important that the cover letter be short enough for the recipient to read, but long enough to get the reader to go to the resume.

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