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As a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Business Engineering Project Manager with MBA degree, I have 10 years of experience working for global investment banks, developing professional Power Point presentations, Front-to-Back Process Mapping, Data and Gap Analysis, Process Improvement Recommendations; speak English, Russian and German fluently. High interest in online business, marketing, eCommerce.

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Carol A. Christopherson was appointed by Governor Crist as a Commissioner on the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities for the past 2 years representing the hearing impaired population of Florida. (2007-2009) She was a council member of the first Government appointed Florida Coordinating Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from August 2004 through 2008. She is also a member of the National Association of the Deaf, Hearing Loss Association of America, and Hearing Loss Association of Florida formerly known as SHHH or Self Help for the Hard of Hearing. Carol is also the Founder and President of Florida Service Dogs, Inc. founded in Feburary 1999, which she educates, advocates as well as trains rescued dogs as service dogs for persons with disabilities and works with owner to train them to train their own service dog. Carol has performed over 30 professional power point presentations regarding the legal rights and responsibilities of service animals to various state and local agencies as well as public and private entities and has performed over 100 live service animal demonstrations to various children and adult organizations. Through the DOIT course she is trained to evaluate and select dogs from owner surrender situations, rescues, humane societies, and animal control facilities to train, match, evaluate and place as service animals with qualified persons with disabilities. Carol is Late-Deafened, and uses a dual trained service animal, named Zoey with Shadow in training. Zoey alerts to sounds she can not hear and picks up dropped items she can not hear fall. Carol speaks and read lips and uses oral interpreters who use signed English.

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– We can produce from your material highly professional Power Point presentations with or without sound and announcer or subtitles. From your concept, we provide an outline and a storyboard interpretation before any actual production is undertaken.

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Students choose their own books to read individually based on their reading levels and the genres assigned. Genres throughout the year include children’s classics, biographies, historical fiction, mysteries, non-fiction selections, etc. Students read independently on their own levels and complete novel goal sheets that require vocabulary, comprehension, evaluation and other higher order thinking skills. The Accelerated Reader program is also used. Students spend time learning literary terms and how they are used in the books they are reading. Targeted comprehension skills are taught such as compare and contrast, sequencing, fact and opinion and main idea and supporting details. Greek and Latin root words, prefixes and suffixes are also taught. Students not only memorize these, but learn how to put them to use in everyday vocabulary by deciphering difficult words on a regular basis. Students complete two Expert Journal projects during the year. These projects teach the students how to research a topic of their choice effectively. Students learn how to take notes and how to create outlines, bibliographies and professional Power Point presentations. Public speaking skills are also taught and practiced.

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Japanese and vice versa (written or spoken). Assistance in creating professional power point presentations, reports, spreadsheets, and maintenance of contact...