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A good cover letter warms up an otherwise cold-looking contract. It will help your client (and even the client’s client) decide to hire you. Here is an example of a cost proposal cover letter.


An RFP response letter is sent to the organization who issued the Request for Proposal (RFP) for You have to understand that the RFP Proposal Cover Letter, beyond merely being the authorization of Aug 27, 2013.

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Some experts advice that the business proposal cover letter should be a personal note from you to your main contact. I totally disagree. This line of thinking assumes that you can build a relationship with your main contact from a letter. A relationship should have been build way before you send in your proposal. If you have not build a relationship by the time you send in the proposal, chances are your competition already have and you will not win the project.A proposal cover letter is a hybrid between two forms of business writing. The first is the proposal. Put simply, a proposal is an attempt to inform and persuade the reader to do something. Whether it is to fund a program, to purchase goods or services, or simply to commit to a course of action, each proposal contains key elements that must be present to have a chance of persuading the reader. In a nutshell, these elements are what the letter writer will do, how he or she intends to do it, when, and how much it will cost. The second is the cover letter, which is intended to persuade the reader to hire the sender of the letter. Cover letters, though more specific in content to employment, contain more or less the same elements, so lend themselves well to a synthesis with the proposal to form a proposal cover letter.Now, a proposal cover letter is nothing more that a . The purpose is to sell your product or services. The basics are the the same, you want to get the readers attention, get them interested, then make them desire your product or service and finally have them take action. In this case, get them to hire your business for whatever projects you were bidding for.Naturally, the first step towards writing an effective proposal cover letter is to do the necessary research on all the many aspects the writer needs to take into account. These aspects include, but are not limited too, all the relevant information about the recipient of the letter, the nature of the environment or situation that the recipient is working in, the nature of the problem or issue that the writer hopes to solve, the history of the writer, the background of the issue or problem and what previous efforts have been made to address the issue.

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A mistake that many business professionals make is utilizing the proposal cover letter as a way to summarize the contents of the proposal. Since many proposal templates include a summary at the end of the document, this is not necessary. In fact, including this type of detail in the cover letter creates a situation where the recipient must read the same information repeatedly, a factor that could have a negative impact on the evaluation process.

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when drafting a proposal cover letter is to keep it brief. A body of three to four short paragraphs is sufficient. Setting this type of limit for yourself will ensure you keep the entire text on a single page, thus avoiding the mistake of sending what amounts to a mini-proposal along with the main document.