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Bringing up salary in a cover letter is kind of a touchy subject. You could look presumptuous if you haven’t even been offered an interview yet. If they ask for salary history you don’t want to mention what you have been paid in the past if you can help it. There are, however, some job postings that specifically ask that your salary requirements be included with your information. When that happens there are some things that you can do to be sure that the salary requirements you list are something both you and a potential employer can work with.

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(6) if not asked, would not be appropriate to talk about salary in cover letter.

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My first suggestion is that if the company doesn’t ask for it, then avoid revealing your salary expectations in cover letters.
You should first secure the position and get an offer before taking it any further.

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The first thing you should do before listing a desired salary in your cover letter is to make sure that you are not asking for an unreasonable amount. The easiest way to see what people in that particular position typically make is to do an internet search; sure, every site will give different numbers, but you can get a fairly good idea of what is reasonable by comparing information from many different sites. You can also find salary information by looking at job postings for similar positions.

Salary requirements in a cover letter can determine how much money you make.
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