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Lose the "I" and "me" wording in your targeted cover letter, and focus on wording such as "you,"" your," "yourself," "us," "our," and "we." This approach will produce results, such as employment interviews.The next paragraph explains why you are interested in the job and the organisation. What is it about the employer and job role that made you apply? This is your opportunity to target your covering letter so that the recruiter knows you are interested in their graduate job and you’re not batch emailing standard CVs and covering letters to all and sundry.Whatever sort of job you are applying for, whether it’s in the public or private sector, in industry or academia, or in sales or product development, you must always target your cover letter.Peer Career Ambassadors: talk to our career team throughout the week to help you formulate that targeted cover letter and get your documents reviewed. Learn more about our
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Targeted cover letters are extremely impressive and powerful because they are so specific. It is important to understand that a resume can be twice as effective if accompanied by a cover letter that has an attention-getting opening, is written with concise statements, is error-free, and has an action closing. You should know the company, the decision-maker's name, the position desired, and the message you want to send. Because this type of cover letter is so specific, the success rate is very high compared to a generic cover letter.

Targeted cover letters are extremely impressive and powerful because they are so specific

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The first step in writing a targeted cover letter is to identify your job-related, transferable, and personal skills. The next important step is to identify what type of company you would like to work for, and what skills are necessary to work in your industry of interest.