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The sample teacher cover letters given in this section will be helpful in drafting an impressive cover letter for your application. You can further personalize the letter by following the guidelines given below. These guidelines can be referred by everyone, whether she/he is experienced or inexperienced. Despite the given teacher cover letters samples and guidelines, there is always room for personal ideas to make it unique and supportive to your profile.

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Despite the similarities between the two letters, there are important differences between them. Andrew Miller's Head Teacher cover letter sample is a speculative letter which he uses to speculatively enquire about a position. Leanne Smith's cover letter for the Primary School Teacher job was written after she saw the position advertised. The difference between the two letters can be seen in their opening and closing paragraphs.

You can use both Andrew Miller's and Leanne Smith's sample cover letter teaching templates below to help you construct your letters.


In our first teacher cover letter sample, Andrew Miller, an experienced Department Head, about a in a . Our other example cover letter for teaching features Leanne Smith, an experienced primary school teacher who applies for an .

Both teaching cover letters are constructed using four paragraphs and consistently follow the same letter writing rules. When writing cover letters for teaching positions, these rules and best practises apply equally, irrespective of the teaching field or level of experience. So, when writing your own letters, aim to use 3-5 brief paragraphs.

The first rule dictates that teachers' cover letters should begin in a confident tone, so start your first paragraph by stating your interest in the position, explaining your reasons for applying and your suitability for selection. In our sample cover letter for teacher Andrew Miller, see how Mr Miller incorporates these elements in a short and persuasive paragraph. In Leanne Smith's sample teaching cover letter, she also begins her narrative in the same forthright manner.

The second rule when composing a cover letter for teaching positions dictates that you use the middle section of your letter to expand on your current and previous roles, demonstrating use of teaching skills that are pertinent and relevant to the position you are seeking. Also mention your successes, achievements and other significant results as a teacher. See how Andrew Miller and Leanne Smith explain their remits in our teacher cover letter examples.

The third rule dictates that you conclude your letter as you started by re-stating your case confidently, as shown in our two teaching cover letters below. This is clearly illustrated in our cover letter for teacher Leanne Smith, as she confidently re-states her interest in the job and re-affirms her suitability for the post. Also show enthusiasm in the possibility of becoming a member of the school or college.

Constructing a compelling cover letter for teaching positions requires incorporating the three rules in a concise narrative not exceeding five short paragraphs. Studying the way our two teachers' cover letter examples follow these rules will give you an insight on how to write your own letters in a professional manner.

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Use the teacher cover letter presented here as a template for writing your own. Your qualifications, education, skills, and experience are going to be in your resume, but it's important to pick the most important things that will differentiate you from the rest of the job seekers, and put them in your cover letter.Teacher cover letters need a lot of care while drafting, with no room for errors. Being a teacher, you need to be away from doing any kind of error, which may hamper your selection chances for a teacher's post. A teacher is considered as a role model for students, and so, any negativity can be harmful to the students' future. For the same reason, an application for a teacher's job should be able to win the confidence of the employers, and ascertain them about your supremacy over other applicants, with regards to benefits available for the students
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The teacher cover letters must focus on your teaching skills and experience, education details and achievements. Highlight positive aspects of your personality such as interaction with parents and introduction of new programs by you for the development of students.

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4. Pay as much attention to the teacher cover letter as you do to the resume itself. Many times, people spend days or even weeks perfecting their resume only to produce a cover letter that was thrown together in a few minutes.

Use the teacher cover letter presented here as a template for writing your own

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Your teacher cover letter should clearly demonstrate your enthusiasm for teaching and your ability to communicate. Highlight a couple of key strengths that make you the right job candidate. Use this guide to find out .