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The point of your vet tech cover letter will be to give a quick summary of who you are, why you’re applying for the position, and what you can bring to the table. It’s also a nice opportunity to express your personality, since resumes usually consist of “just the facts,” and don’t really tell the whole story about who you are as a person.



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Pretty simple, right? Follow this vet tech cover letter outline and you’ll be in good shape. Remember to keep it short but very specific. When you’re done writing, re-read it a few times while keeping an eye out for any sentences that aren’t 100% necessary. You want a potent cover letter that isn’t going to waste anyone’s time!

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Take it from someone who has read hundreds of veterinary technician cover letters – these things are important, and they can make a huge impact on whether or not an employer decides to give you a chance to interview! Veterinary techs who neglect the quality of their cover letters usually don’t get a call back from the practices I’ve worked with.

With those tips in mind, review this veterinary technician cover letter template. Use it as a guideline to write your own.
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Example of a Technical Cover Letter

The point is, put some time and thought into your cover letters. Before we get to the vet tech cover letter sample I’ve put together, keep these general tips in mind:

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