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All technical cover letters written impressively and designed adhering to these instructions can be effective in winning you the interview call, and ultimately the job.


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This website includes various technical cover letters. Those considering applying for nuclear plant technical advisor job can take guidelines from nuclear plant technical advisor cover letter on this site. The technical publications writer cover letter and technical publication senior editor cover letter can be used for guidance and they emphasize on the roles and responsibilities you perform in your previous organization. Those applying for technical support job need to emphasize on their technical, interpersonal, communication and customer service skills. If you are applying for any technical training jobs, then you can refer the technical training instructor cover letter. When you write a technical trainer cover letter, you need to place emphasis on technical and teaching skills. Mention your technical proficiency and provide details of the certifications you have cleared.

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You may find it difficult to write cover letter. But jotting down important points and writing the cover letter step by step will ease the process of cover letter writing. It is essential that you send a cover letter along with your technical resume when you send application for any job. When you are write technical cover letters, place emphasis on technical skills, your expertise in using technical tools and mention the exact job profile you are looking for. The recruiter must be able to judge your area of interest and your eligibility for the job.

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In the sample technical cover letter below John Hartford applies for a Technical Support Technician position and writes a good letter using 3 short paragraphs. When writing your own letter try to limit the length to 3-5 paragraphs, irrespective of your technical discipline or level of experience. The purpose of writing a cover letter is to provide your resume a befitting introduction, so as to cast a positive first impression on the employers, and win an interview call. If effective, the cover letter can have influential effect to the extent that the outcome of the selection process is swayed in your favor. For the importance associated with cover letters, it is always better to have a few technical cover letters written, and ready in advance. You then have to only edit them slightly, so as to make them compatible with the desired job profile.
For better understanding and implementation of these guide lines, you can also refer to sample technical cover letters listed below.


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In this section you will find sample technical cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on technical jobs.

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A pre-drafted cover letter can save you crucial time and efforts required at the last moment which can be then utilized for other productive activities. The technical cover letters, irrelevant of the job openings, are mostly similar. Minor variations may creep in because of the technical specifications required. However, till the time the letter fulfills its objective, it is ideal for the role.

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With the increasing competition, the number of applicants for any job opening has also risen tremendously; which in turn has elongated the selection process. This has moved the rounds involving personal interaction to later stages. Under such situations, cover letters are the only available option, from where you can convey your message, and bring your resume to the limelight. This has multiplied the demand for job winning technical cover letters.