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With the research out of the way, the applicant is ready to start writing the letter. As in most endeavors in life, it’s a good idea to start strong. The Hiring Manager is a very busy person and can’t read through ever social work cover letter with a magnifying glass seeking out the pertinent details that the writer has buried in the letter somewhere near the bottom of the page.

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Helping others through social work can be a very rewarding career, and a well written social work cover letter is one of the most effective ways to get the position that you want most. Though social workers rarely make headlines or receive multi-million dollar paychecks, the work that they do is some of the most important to our society. Social workers are the people who have chosen to make a career out of helping those who need it the most, and for that they should be praised.

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To the aspiring social worker this means competing for a small number of jobs against many, many other college graduates eager to start their social work career. In this tough market, the successful social work candidate needs an edge, and that is a social work cover letter that stands out.

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Notice how the applicant in social work teacher cover letter focuses on her ability to prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate and/or graduate students on topics such as family behavior, child and adolescent mental health, and social intervention evaluation. All social work teacher cover letters need to include specifics in order to attract a hiring manager.A resume is simply a list of facts: Name, address, job history, school record without any sense of context or perspective. A social work cover letter, however, is something much more persuasive than this --- it is a conversation, an argument, a sales pitch.Even though most people spend the bulk of their time and energy writing their resume, it is often the social work cover letter that makes the difference and gets them hired. That’s because a cover letter is a more personal, intimate and ultimately persuasive piece of communication than the resume.The social work cover letter is a sales pitch, remember? And to sell something to someone, you need to know three things: About the product, about the customer, and about the need that the product is supposed to fill. In this case, the first one is very easy. You are the product and who knows more about you than you? So the emphasis of your research needs to be placed on the other two factors.
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Depending upon the type of organization, the applications for openings under the social worker category can have different kinds of social worker cover letters accompanying them. However, the purpose behind writing these cover letters is still the same; i.e. to grab the attention of employers, and incite them to review the resume for further consideration.

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To write a great social work cover letter like this, however, the writer must put in some extra work. This work must start before the first word goes on the paper, too. For starters, the writer of the social work cover letter should have a clear and complete idea of the details of the position before he or she sits down to start composing. It’s not enough to just know the title and the hirer everyone who is applying will already know that. And that information does not give the writer any sort of clue about what he or she needs to say in the cover letter.

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Top 10 social work cover letter tips

When the Hiring Manager read that applicant’s social work cover letter he or she would be very impressed and intrigued indeed. He or she would think to himself that with this single hire, the organization could not only fill the opening, but could also add another employee to help their grant and donation raising efforts. As a result, that candidate is going to get the call --- and the job--- before anyone else.